From the soup pot

Strong homemade beef soup with pancake strips
and fresh chives

Hearty homemade beef soup with original Bavarian liver dumplings
and fresh chives

Cream of tomato soup with crispy brewer’s grapefruit sausages

Salad pleasure

Schmankerlsalat “without meat”: colorful salad with fried mushrooms, crispy Biertrebernbrot sausages, roasted Kerndln and fresh herbs, served with pastries from the bread basket (1,12)

Fried chicken salad with baked chicken breast on mixed leaf and potato salad, marinated with pumpkin seed oil (1,12)

Mixed salad, small portion (1,12)

Mixed salad, large portion (1,12)

From the bread basket

Brezn or Biertrebernbrot and what else grad fresh is’, the piece

Our Biertrebernbrot is baked fresh by the baker Neumeier from Bayerisch Gmain with Biertrebern (softened wholemeal meal from barley or wheat malt) from our alpine brewery BÜRGERBRÄU. A healthy high fiber brown bread.

From the sausage kitchen

Genuine Bavarian white sausage (3), two pieces with homemade mustard and pretzel

Lyon sausage salad with red onions, pickled gherkins and brewer’s grape bread (1,3,6,11,12)

Swiss sausage salad from the Lyoner with Kas strips, red onions, pickled gherkins and Biertrebernbrot (1,3,6,11,12)

Two pairs of pork sausages, nicely browned, on hearty sauerkraut and brewer’s grain bread (3,6,11)

For snack

Brawn with vinaigrette and fried potatoes

Browned Bavarian Leberkas with fried egg and potato salad (1,3,6,11,12)

without meat & from the fisherman

Kasspatzn with Emmentaler and Pinzgauer Bierkas, served in a pancake, with reschen onions and small mixed salad (1,12)

Creamy mushrooms with bread dumplings

Baked fish fillet of Cape hake with tartar sauce and potato-cucumber salad (1,12)

Brewery delicacies

Oven-fresh roast pork in Ruperti dark beer sauce (1,12) with bread dumplings and coleslaw (freshly roasted every day, when it’s out, it’s out!)

Resche pork knuckle in Ruperti dark beer sauce on fine caraway sauerkraut with homemade bread dumplings (12)

Homemade veal loin (1) with bread dumplings

Braumeister steak from young bull loin in pepper cream sauce, roasted potatoes with onions and marjoram, served with bacon beans (11,13)

Onion roast beef tenderloin, roasted onions, roasted potatoes with onions and marjoram, served with bacon beans (13)

Baked pork cutlet Viennese style with potato and cucumber salad and cranberries (1,12)

Beef goulash, lean and tender from the shoulder, with bread dumplings and fresh dill cucumber salad (1,12)

Simmered ox meat from the mayor’s piece, roasted potatoes with onions, marjoram, dill beans and apple horseradish

Pork mushroom cream escalope with buttered spaetzle and mixed salad

Labeling of additives 1) with colorant, 2) With preservative, 3) with antioxidant, 4) with flavor enhancer, 5) sulfurized, 6) with phosphate, 7) with sweetener, 8) with phenylalanine source, 9) with quinine, 10) with caffeine, 11) with nitrite curing salt, 12) with sulfite, 13) blackened

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