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The history of the brewery inn can be traced back to the year 1633

In 1834, during the night of November 8th to 9th, the buildings burnt to the ground, but were re-built two years later.

In 1901, A.R., a prominent local businessman, bought the then “Graßlbräu” brewery and changed its name to “Bürgerbräu”, the name it still has today. Fundamental changes were made to the buildings in 1925, and extensive renovations were made after the Second World War.


Skilled local Craftsmen and artists created a space dedicated to holy Gambrinus, famed for perfecting the brewery process. In it, they constructed and decorated beer halls where guests could relax in a genial atmosphere.


The spacious, modern hotel rooms above the halls were added in 1990 and offer a setting in which you are sure to feel welcome and comfortable.

The brewery around the year 1900, when it was still known as G.B. In 1901, it was bought by A.R., a prominent local businessman, who gave it the name B.B.

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    For further information or reservation, please call +49 (0)8621-98290

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