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Over 522 years of the private Alpine brewery BÜRGERBRÄU Bad Reichenhall

Our private Alpine brewery Bürgerbräu has been operating since 1494 at the heart of the spa town of Bad Reichenhall, within the Berchtesgaden Alps region and can be traced back 522 years, to the times when beer replaced wine and Bavaria became a beer drinking country. At first the brewery names were those of the successive owners and changed with them, until 1902, when August Röhm, great-grandfather of the present owner Christoph Graschberger bought the brewery and gave it the name BÜRGERBRÄU.


In the second world war, it was the only brewery in upper Bavaria to be hit and badly damaged by allied bombs. But it was swiftly rebuilt and the BÜRGERBRÄU is now the only one still operating, whereas in the past centuries, up to a dozen breweries were making beer for the people in and around the pretty upper Bavarian city of Bad Reichenhall.



With its 19 different kinds of beer, the brewery is one of the proud perpetrators of best Bavarian beer tradition, and its reputation reaches far beyond its home region.


The brewery constantly strives for highest quality and best beer flavor and was awarded the national prize of the German agricultural society in 2008, as well as earning the gold best prize year after year. With our motto "from the region – for the region", we give priority Bavarian ingredients provided by suppliers and partners from the region.


Beers available at the tavern

You can order the following beer styles



Das „Export" vom BÜRGERBRÄU ist ein Vollbier mit 12,2 % Stammwürze (bei alc. 5,4 % vol.) – und in unserem Seidel mit seiner vollen, leuchtenden Farbe auch ein wahrer Augenschmaus!

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Braumeister beer


its name says it all the Alt-Reichenhaller Braumeister beer is a masterpiece created by someone who knows his craft - our brewing master. With its 12.3% wort (alc. 5.4% volume), it is best appreciated served in our brewing master mug.

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Hefe-Weizen hell (pale wheat beer)


The BÜGERBRÄU is one of the few breweries still using the traditional methods of fermentation in bottles. The process is complex, but its quality is unparalleled, and this difference is precisely what separates the wheat from the chaff! The Hefe-Weizen hell has around 12.2% wort (alc. 5.2% vol.).

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Hefe-Weizen dunkel (dark wheat beer)


This beer is also brewed using the classic bottle fermentation. It is the only method capable of delivering the unique and characteristic taste, at around 12.2% wort (alc. 5.2% vol.), which combines flavors from the yeast and wheat with well balanced carbonation for a really enjoyable leisurely drinking experience.

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Leichte Weiße (light wheat beer)


That our light wheat beer tastes so characteristically good is due to the complex process of fermentation in bottles with low alcohol content (alc. 2.9% vol.) and only 23 kcal per 100ml. The “Leichte Weiße”, at 7.4% wort, combines the full taste of a traditional Bavarian wheat beer with modern lightness.

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Ruperti-Dunkel (dark beer)


A Bavarian beer classic, as out of a storybook, of a rich full-bodied dark color, with pleasant malty and velvety foam. Connoisseurs drink their Ruperti Dunkel (12.2% wort and alc. 5.1% vol.) preferably from a classic glass tankard.

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1633 original dark beer


With its beautifully fine foam and velvety brown color it is a pleasure for the eyes as well as the palate, at 12.3% wort and alc. 5.1% vol. it comes in 0.33l bottles ready to be enjoyed.

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Suffikator (the quaffable beer)


“Nomen its Omen” – The strongest BÜRGERBRÄU beer is aptly named the quaffable beer; its very name evokes the luscious taste that delights heart and soul! With a wort at 18.3% (alc. 7.3% vol.), it strongly represents the ideal Bavarian stout beer style.

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Rupertus Weizenbock (strong wheat beer)


This is a rare beer, because we only brew it once a year. Its short season begins in November and is well and truly over as soon as the connoisseurs have enjoyed the last drop. The Rupertus Weizenbock is proud of its 16.5% wort (alc. 7.0% vol.)

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Hallgrafen-Bock (strong beer)


The BÜRGERBRÄU dedicated this beer to the historical counts of Reichenhall, who played a significant role in the history of the city and the land, and so made the "Bock" ( which also means “ram”) a count! This beer is really something special with 16.6% wort and alc. 7.2% vol.

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Pils superior


the BÜRGERBRÄU was one of the first breweries in Bavaria to brew a pils beer. It has a distinctly fine malty aroma, with an elegantly rounded crisp taste. To do the pils superior, with its 11.2% wort (alc. 4.9% vol.) justice, drink it in our tall slim pils glasses.

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Gustl (“little Gus”)


Brewed with an elegant pale summer barley malt and aromatic hops from the Hallertau region, the Gustl is an authentic full-bodied Bavarian beer. With alc. 4.9% vol., its crisp balanced taste will win you over.

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Gustl naturtrüb (nur im Sommer)


Gebraut mit edlem, hellem Sommer-Gerstenmalz und feinem Hallertauer Aromahopfen, ist das Gustl ein echt bayerisches Vollbier: Frisch, harmonisch und überzeugend im Geschmack bei alc. 4,9% vol.

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Alpenstoff (the alpine beer)


Punchy, crispy clear and fresh with just a subtle hops note. A generous wort at 12.5% (alc. 5.3% vol.), our long experience of the craft brewing process and quasi handpicked ingredients give our Alpenstoff its punch (available in 0.5l or 0.33l bottles).

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Alpenstoff Natur Lemon


60% lemonade (including 4% unfiltered lemon juice) mixed with 40% Alpenstoff beer. Our Alpenstoff Natur Lemon tastes of citrus and hops and mildly of Alpenstoff beer. A perfect thirst quencher even on hot summer days (available in 0.33l bottles).

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Spirits from the BÜRGERBRÄU

The original brewery-schnapps is distilled from our Rupertus Weizenbock beer

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